© 2024 EZ BIZZY. All Rights Reserved.

© 2024 EZ BIZZY. All Rights Reserved.

© 2024 EZ BIZZY. All Rights Reserved.

EZ Bizzy aims to be the all-in-one app for the solopreneur

EZ Bizzy aims to be the all-in-one app for the solopreneur

EZ Bizzy aims to be the all-in-one app for the solopreneur

The journey of a solopreneur is filled with countless challenges, from managing finances, business operations, payroll, legal filings and growth. EZ Bizzy is here to help as your all-in-one solution, aiming to streamline your workflow and lighten your load.

EZ Bizzy offers a suite of tools we know you need to manage your business. Some of our most helpful features for small businesses include:


Create invoices, and seamlessly share them with your clients to get paid quicker.

Client and Employee Management

Did you call the wrong Steve again? Never fumble through your phone looking for a client or employee contact again. Keep your Clients and Employees separate and secure from your phone contacts so you can focus on work at the precise moment you want to. Want to check out a photo of a project you did for a specific client - find it in a flash in your client’s folder - EZ!

Task Management

Easily organize and track your ongoing to dos and deadlines.

Document Organization

Save all of your important documents like legal docs, government filings and marketing materials in one centralized and secure place. Think of this as your high-tech secure filing cabinet. We’ve even set up predefined folders for you in each category so no need to look for your old label maker! 

Schedule Appointments

Make scheduling and tracking appointments a breeze complete with appointment notifications for your clients. 

Video Meetings

A picture really is worth a thousand words! How many words is a video worth? Even more! Easily hop on a video call with a client or colleague without leaving the EZ Bizzy app. Chat away and feel free to add multiple participants.

EZ Expert Marketplace

Find the help you need, when you need it with an in-app network of vetted professionals skilled in dozens of topics and categories. Find the task you need help with, review the EZ Expert’s credentials and order their freelance services all from the EZ Bizzy App. 

Meet Bizzy - your AI Assistant

You heard it right! EZ Bizzy comes complete with your very own AI Assistant who is always on standby ready to lend a helping hand and answer any questions you have - no coffee breaks required! Like a trusted assistant, Bizzy grows, learns and develops with you and your business. As you use the app, you are also training Bizzy who gets smarter with each passing day. Don’t worry, Bizzy is your trusted and secure confidant who will never ask for a day off!  

Community and Networking

Being a solopreneur doesn’t mean you have to work alone! EZ Bizzy fosters a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and experts, encouraging networking and collaboration. Find educational resources, articles and connect with other small businesses that have faced similar problems!

Continuous Innovation

EZ Bizzy is committed to evolving with the needs of solopreneurs, incorporating feedback and the latest technology trends to enhance the user experience. We want to simplify the way you work so that you can spend more time where it matters in your business.

More than Just an App

EZ Bizzy is not just a tool; we want to be a partner for you on your path towards success. Embrace the power of our all-in-one platform and take your solopreneur business to new heights.