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© 2024 EZ BIZZY. All Rights Reserved.

© 2024 EZ BIZZY. All Rights Reserved.

How to keep employee records with the EZ Bizzy App 

How to keep employee records with the EZ Bizzy App 

How to keep employee records with the EZ Bizzy App 

As your small business grows, so does your team - and with that comes the increasingly difficult challenge of managing employee information and documentation. From onboarding new hires to tracking performance reviews and payroll details, the administrative burden can quickly become overwhelming.

But what if I told you there was a simple, all-in-one solution to organize and centralize all your employee records? Enter the EZ Bizzy app - your new go-to tool for seamlessly storing, accessing, and updating your staff's critical data.

Say goodbye to the days of rifling through bulging file cabinets or digging through cluttered email inboxes to find that one important document. With EZ Bizzy, your employee information is securely housed in a fun, user-friendly all-in-one business solution.

Create Individual Employee Profiles

When you onboard a new team member, simply add their details to the "Employees" section of the EZ Bizzy app. This includes their contact info, job title, start date, and any other relevant personal data.

Store Essential Documents

Need to keep track of employee agreements, performance reviews, or payroll records? Upload these crucial documents directly to each person's profile. EZ Bizzy makes it easy to attach files and keep everything in one centralized location.

Manage Sensitive Information

Rest assured that your staff's personal data is safe and secure within the EZ Bizzy platform. Access is restricted, and you maintain full control over who can view sensitive information.

Organize with Ease

EZ Bizzy's intuitive folder structure makes it a breeze to keep employee files neat and tidy. Sort documents by category, such as "Onboarding," "Contract," or "Pay Stubs," for quick retrieval whenever you need it.

Search with Bizzy

Trying to find that one employee's contract from 2 years ago? No problem. Bizzy’s integrated functionality allows you to quickly locate any file or document, just by asking!

How to set up employees in EZ Bizzy

  1. Download the free EZ Bizzy app from the App Store or Play Store. It’s completely free, and a one-stop-shop for all of your small business needs from creating invoices to managing clients, keeping track of your important business docs and even has a built in small business AI named “Bizzy.”

  2. Once you’re logged in, tap the “HR” icon on the Home page. This is going to be your hub for the HR side of your small business, like keeping track of your current and past employees.

  3. Tap “+ Add New” to add an employee you want to track. Here is where you can fill in the personal information for your employee, which is safe and secure within the app. Add in information such as the designation as a full-time or contract worker, department and current status. When you’re finished, tap “Save.”

  4. When you want to change the employee information or upload relevant documents, you can tap on the employee to look closer at their detailed information and make the changes you need. Use the “Employee Documents” tab to track your employees resume, pay stubs, legal agreements, etc.

That’s it! Add all your employees to the app so that you never lose track of your important employee information again. All data is securely saved in cloud storage, so even if you accidentally delete the app or lose your phone, your data is safe!
Download the EZ Bizzy app today to manage your business the EZ way!