© 2024 EZ BIZZY. All Rights Reserved.

© 2024 EZ BIZZY. All Rights Reserved.

© 2024 EZ BIZZY. All Rights Reserved.

What is an EZ Expert?

What is an EZ Expert?

What is an EZ Expert?

In case you didn’t know, one of the most popular and central features of the EZ Bizzy app is the EZ Expert Marketplace! But what does it mean to be an EZ Expert?

EZ Experts are more than just freelancers - they are vetted professionals with experience and skills across a variety of industries and topics. The main mission of EZ Bizzy is to empower small businesses and solo entrepreneurs by giving them access to the tools they need to grow and succeed. EZ Experts provide services for businesses in the EZ Bizzy network on a freelance basis.

Why Freelance as an EZ Expert?

There are many reasons why freelancers should list their services on EZ Bizzy, some of which include:

  1. Targeted Exposure

Access a community of small business owners who value and understand your expertise.

  1. Elevated Collaboration

Engage with a sophisticated and highly intent audience eager to leverage your freelance services.

  1. Grow Your Reach

Expand your freelance business by connecting with quality clients who appreciate your skills.

EZ Bizzy’s innovative business management app, tailored for the USA and Canada, is not your average boring productivity software; it's a game-changing set of tools for small businesses and an engaged community where your expertise is both valued and highly sought after. 

Types of Freelance Work

There are countless services that EZ Experts can offer, ranging from one-time tasks such as logo design, content writing and financial audits, to long-term roles such as legal consulting, web development and digital marketing.

There are currently 12 broad categories in which EZ Experts can list their services, with a number of more specific, narrow topics within each area:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Music & Audio  
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Writing & Translation  
  • Video & Animation  
  • Programming & Tech   
  • Business   
  • Photography 
  • Lifestyle

By becoming an EZ Expert, you will open doors to a multitude of new opportunities and have the chance to grow your business by connecting with clients who appreciate the real-world value you can offer. Are you a freelancer ready to elevate your career? It’s time to tap into a vibrant market of small business owners and solopreneurs with EZ Bizzy!

How to become an EZ Expert

Step 1: Sign up for free [Link]

Fill out the EZ Expert contact form to kickoff your EZ Expert career.

Step 2: Prepare your Profile

Get ready to start freelancing by considering the types of jobs and services you want to offer and in which categories.

Step 3: Prepare for Launch

The EZ Bizzy app is set to release in January 2024, but EZ Experts will have an opportunity to pre-fill in their profiles so they are all set up ahead of time.


Joining EZ Bizzy as an EZ Expert is not just about finding clients; it's about becoming part of a community that values your expertise. With the launch just around the corner, now is the perfect time to secure your spot and start a new chapter in your freelancing journey. Get ready to transform the way you work and impact small businesses like never before.

Apply today, and be a part of this exciting journey with EZ Bizzy. We're excited to have you on board as an EZ Expert!

Sign Up Now and secure your spot as an EZ Expert!